Custom Logo Design Guide

Adding a custom logo to your printed photo booth strips is a great way to provide a more unique experience for your guests. Simply add the custom logo at checkout and complete the order process to book your event date. Whether it's a corporate logo for your company party or the beautiful initials of a bride and groom, you can't go wrong with a custom logo!

Upload Your Logo at

Once your order is complete, you are ready to add your custom logo. Simply create your image file and upload it to your Customer Page. Your logo must be uploaded at least 14 days before your event date. Free resources are below to assist you in creating your logo if needed. Once your logo is ready simply CLICK HERE and you can upload it to your order! (Instructions are also in your confirmation email)

Supported File Types

The file type can be either a JPG or PNG.

Sizing Your Logo

With our photo strip layout, your logo will appear at the bottom of the strip under the photos taken during the session. The sizing of all the images and the logo will be adjusted to fit the height of the strip (6 inches) so it's important not to make too tall of a logo or it will increase the margins on the side to fit everything.

We recommend a logo size of 960 wide by 274 pixels tall. It's also important to keep in mind that this will print below the pictures in an area less than 2 inches wide so small fonts will become very hard to read at that size.

(download the full sized sample logo template shown above here)

Logo Making Software

Not a design expert? No problem! There are a lot of free tools available to help you make your amazing custom logo. Here are a few we recommend to help you along.
Vintage Designs iOS App