Is everything included?

Yes. Every rental includes everything you need for one price...with free shipping! Props, printing of photo strips, backdrop, camera, backdrop support system, and touchscreen tablet are all included for $294.99. How great is that?

Can we get digital copies of the photos?

Yes.  After your event, all of the photos are uploaded into an on-line album for you to enjoy.  You will have every photo from your event to print or share!

If my event is on Saturday, when do I return the booth?

Returns are always the next business day. If you have an event on Saturday, you would be expected to return the booth on Monday.  We make it easy - simply put the enclosed return label on the case and drop off at the nearest UPS store!

Is it difficult to set up the photo booth?

No. The equipment is easy to set up, and should take just a few minutes. No tools or experience required! Additionally, the photo booth software is designed to be very user friendly. The days when a booth attendant were needed are gone! We give you everything you'll need all in one place.

Are prints included?

Yes! Each order includes paper and ink for 100 prints, which makes 200 photo strips.  That is generally enough for a 4 hour event. If you want more prints, each extra 100 prints can be added for an additional $62.

Are props included?

Yes. Each order includes a brand new set of paper props for you and your guests to enjoy.  Themed props are also available at no extra charge!  Many clients also add additional props on their own to customize the photo booth to their specific event.  

How do the guests receive their photos?

Photo strips print automatically after each session. Need more? Simply continue the fun... the booth will allow multiple sessions so everyone gets in on the action! You'll get digital copies too. After your event, you will receive a link to an album with every photo taken during the event, which you can print or share with your friends!

While most of our events feature printed photo strips, we now have a digital option available.  With this option, guests receive their photos and photo strips via text and email instead of printing.  (Note, you must have a wifi network available for real-time photo sharing.)  As the host, you’ll also receive a digital album with all of the photos from your event! If you are interested in this option, please call our office (800-674-8758), or fill out our order request form.

What happens if I damage the equipment?

The equipment is designed to take a beating and remain functional. It is rare that the equipment will be damaged beyond repair. However, in the unlikely event that the client does damage the equipment beyond repair, the client will be charged a replacement cost fee. The replacement cost fee schedule is listed in Appendix A under the Terms and Conditions which are provided under the Book Now tab.

What if I am late returning the equipment?

The booth is due for return the next business day after your event.  We make it very easy -- simply apply the attached return label to the case and drop off at the nearest UPS store.  If you know that you will not be able to return the booth on time, please call our office to discuss.  A late fee of $100 is assessed per day if the equipment is not returned on time without permission. More details are available under the Terms and Conditions which are provided under the Book Now tab.

Does the photo booth require internet?

No. The photo booth software and printer are designed to work without internet. Simply turn on the equipment, and within seconds the booth is ready to go! The printer connects wirelessly to the camera, and does not require any external networks.

What if there is a problem?

Problems with the photo booth equipment and software are rare. However, if something does go wrong, we are prepared and here to help. Our Technical Support team is available and can resolve nearly any potential issue.  We do encourage you to set up in advance of your event to ensure everything is perfect before the event starts.

How do I pay?

Once you decide to place your order, you will be prompted to enter your event date, shipping address, and payment. Payment in full is required to complete your order given the low pricing. Our website allows you to make the payment quickly and easily.

Is the shipping case heavy?

No. The total weight of the shipping case is about 36 lbs. The shipping case has wheels, is easy to transport, and doesn't take up a lot of space.

Is the printer easy to reload?

Yes. It is very quick and easy to reload the printer. It takes about 15 seconds or less to reload the printer. Each order comes with enough paper and ink for 100 prints which makes 200 photo strips. This is usually enough to cover a 4-5 hour event. If additional prints are required, you can add another 100 prints for $62 at checkout.

Does the booth work in poor lighting conditions?

Yes it does, as the camera unit has a bright continuous video light.  However, the lighting in your venue is a factor to consider.  In dark environments, we recommend bringing additional lighting to ensure your subjects are well lit.  The exposure is also adjustable on the photo booth screen, which also helps in low-light conditions.

Should I provide the date of my actual event or the date I would like it delivered?

Provide the date of your actual event. Our system will automatically configure the shipping for arrival 1-2 days before your event date. For example, if your event is on a Saturday our system will schedule the booth for delivery on Thursday/Friday. This provides buffer time should there happen to be any issues with shipping, and gives you time to set up and get familiar with the booth assuming it does arrive early. 

What is your cancellation policy?

To help ensure accuracy of available inventory, all sales are final once placed. However, we do understand that unplanned circumstances can arise. Cancellation requests that are more than 90 days before the event date are offered a 1/2 refund of the total price received. Cancellation requests less than 90 days before the event date are not offered a refund.

If the date of the event and/or shipping details change we can modify the order at no additional charge. Also, we can hold a reservation for up to a year past the original event date selected to allow you to reschedule or utilize the booth rental at a different event.