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DIY Wedding Photo Booth Rental


How It Works

Delivered to Your Doorstep

Your photo booth will arrive 1-2 days before your event date. For Example: for a Saturday event, the booth is delivered on Thursday/Friday. We also offer FREE SHIPPING!

Easy 5-Minute Setup

Equipment is specifically designed to be quick and easy to setup. No tools or experience required. Friendly Technical Support is available if needed!

Simple Return

Returning the photo booth after the event is quick and easy with a provided UPS label. FREE SHIPPING ON RETURNS!

What It Includes

Our photo booths are delivered right to your doorstep and include everything you need, starting at $319.

All night rental!

Camera, Stand & Light

Sequin Back Drop, Stand & Props

Optional Custom Logo*


Instant Digital Sharing- $319

Choose instant digital sharing of photos over text & email. All you need is a WIFI connection. Each host receives a digital album with all the photos of the event.

✨ Instant Text & Email Sharing

✨ Choice of Background 

✨ Free Props & Free Shipping 

✨ Custom Logo ($25)

✨ Free Digital Album of all the photos from the event


Instant Printing- $419

Instant printing. 100 prints (200 photo strips) are included. Each host receives a digital album with all the photos of the event.

✨ 100 photo prints (you can add more if you want)

✨ Choice of Background 

✨ Free Props & Free Shipping 

✨ Custom Logo ($25)

✨ Free Digital Album of all the photos from the event


Add A Custom Logo

Add a custom logo to your order to take your event to the next level! Personalize your digital or print photos by adding your own personal logo at the bottom.



Booth By Mail - DIY Photo Booth Rental For Weddings

Booth By Mail offers a convenient and affordable way to add excitement to your wedding with our Do It Yourself photo booth rental service. A photo booth has become a phenomenon at weddings across the country and Booth By Mail helps you bring all the fun of a photo booth without all the cost. A photo booth is a hit with guests and helps create lasting memories and adds to the fun on your special day. In addition to providing an additional perspective on your event, the photo booth encourages people to relax and be themselves, often resulting in the most memorable photos.

The Booth By Mail photo booth is easy to use with a touch screen interface and countdown timer to prepare for each photo. If you have chosen the optional printer, guests can have their photos printed out shortly after the photo, or with the digital sharing option, they can receive an email or text with their photo. After the event, you can access your photos online in a shareable gallery. The whole experience has been thought thru, and hassle free, which is why BoothbyMail has served in over 5,000 Weddings, Graduations and corporate events all across America.

The booth is shipped to you before the event in our custom container, and setting up your booth is easy - taking less than 5 minutes. All you need to do is provide us with a shipping location and access to electricity, and we'll take care of the rest, including sending you a prepaid label for returning the booth after the event.

Top Reasons to add a Photo Booth to Your Wedding
-A photo booth provides a fun and unique activity for guests to enjoy. It's a great way to break the ice and get people interacting and having a good time.

- Photo booths encourage guests to let loose and have fun, resulting in candid and memorable photos that you'll treasure for years to come. The laughter and merriment that your booth creates can infect the whole party

- A photo booth allows guests to take home a tangible reminder of your special day (either in their pocket or on their phone). You get an online gallery of all the photos take - like a visual guest book!




Huge Savings & No Time Limits!

The days when booth attendants were needed are over! Why pay extra for an attendant when the mail order photo booth does it all? Our photo booth equipment and software are so user-friendly anyone can do it. No time limits means the fun can go all night!


Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have Answers!

Is it difficult to set up the photo booth Rental?

No. We provided you with all the equipment you need, and it is easy to set up and should take just a few minutes. No tools or experience are required! Additionally, the photo booth software is designed to be very user-friendly and does not require an attendant! If you choose to have prints with your photo booth, then the printer may require more paper and ink periodically. . We recommend appointing someone to check it every hour or so. Please note that a power outlet is needed to power the tablet, light, and printer.

Are prints included?

Prints are available! If you want physical printouts for your guests, choose the Printing Photo Booth option. That includes a compact photo printer, and paper and ink for 100 prints (200 photo strips) - generally enough for a 4 hour event. If you prefer for your guests to receive photos by text or email instead of printing, we have a Digital Photo Booth option, for $319. Please note that the photo booth cannot do both options at once - it connects to either a printer or a wifi network, but not both at the same time.

Does the photo booth require power and internet?

Our Digital Photo Booth option requires a wifi connection to send instant email and texts. (If wifi is interrupted, the photo booth will retain all photos and send when a network connection is re-established.) Printer Photo Booths do not require internet. Simply turn on the equipment, and within seconds the booth is ready to go! The printer connects wirelessly to the camera, and does not require any external networks. Access to electricity is needed for both photo booth types, to power the light, tablet, and (when applicable) printer.

What is Included with the Photo Booth?

Every photo booth rental includes everything you need for one price...with free shipping! Camera, sequin backdrop with support system, props, and touchscreen tablet are all included for $319 (Digital booth), or $419 with a printer included (100 prints).