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8 Great Ideas for your DIY Photo Booth

Whether you’ve gone for an all-out professional rental or scratched together a do-it-yourself version, you’ll have a great time with your wedding photo booth rental.  Why? Because the photo booth rental cost is pretty low when you get a bunch of friends together in front of a camera with a timer, fun stuff happens!

Here are some ideas that will help ensure you and your friends take away great memories from your photo booth:

1) Personalize the backdrop

Even the fanciest backdrop gets better if you personalize it with a sign or other personal touch.  When you or your guests look back at their photos, they won’t just see a fun picture, they’ll be reminded of the entire event.  Pro tip: string together small mylar balloon letters to spell out your celebration.


2) Fun props!   

Ok, we're not telling you anything you don’t know with this one, but props are a must for all but the most formal of photo booths!  Funny hats, boas, glasses, and signs all encourage your guests to be fun and silly. Party stores are a good bet for a comprehensive selection, though you can pull together a fun set of props from just about anywhere. Pro tip: avoid props that completely cover your guests’ eyes.


3) Give frames as party favors

If your photo booth has a printer, give away personalized frames as party favors.  Each guest will have a fun takeaway to remind them of the event, and it will create even more incentive for people to use the photo booth.  Pro tip: make sure you pick a frame that matches the dimensions of your photo booth prints.

4) Pack a lot of people in!  

Ever notice that the best photos are the ones with 10 people trying to get into the shot?  There’s something extra-funny about cramming a huge group into a tight space, so you get big, genuine smiles.  Pro tip: open-air photo booths give you the most opportunity to fit extra people in.


5) Sign the guestbook

The photo booth tends to generate a lot of traffic, so placing the guestbook nearby will ensure it gets noticed, and also serve as a welcome distraction if there is a line for the booth.  Our photo booths have an electronic guestbook function as well, so your digital album includes personal messages in addition to the photos! Pro tip: move your guestbook from the reception entry to the photo booth area once your event is under way.

A guest shares the love via digital guestbook

6) Create a hashtag so people can share

By creating a hashtag for your event (e.g. #johnandjane2019), you make it easy for people to share and view photos from your event.  Our photo booths come with a digital album so you can share any or all photos after your event; others can use the hashtag to share their personal photos too!  Pro tip: publish your hashtag in advance so people can start sharing even before the event starts.

7) Make a photo album   

If you go to the trouble of setting up a photo booth, make sure you get copies of every photo!  Many photo booths offer on-line albums (our photo booths generate digital albums for each event), but if yours only prints photo strips, have your guests keep one and save the other for your album.  Pro tip: pay someone to collect the strips from each photo session and assemble an album during your event.

8) Dress up the foreground with a theme   

If you really want to go the extra mile, decorate your photo booth to create a fantasy environment.  Fill it with decorations, or make a fancy sign expressing your theme. We have had guests dress up our booths with everything from ski lift chairs to airstream trailers!

An airstream photo booth!