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2018 Wedding Trends

The 2018 wedding season is upon us. Couples today spend far more time and energy for their big day than ever before. With the average cost of a wedding in the U.S soaring to over $33,000 couples want to make sure they get it right. Everything from the location, to vendors, to guest lists, and even down to the look and feel of the event is thoroughly reviewed down to the tiniest detail. Among these events have risen multiple trends that are sure to be front in center in 2018. Below are the top wedding trends for 2018 that are sure to be huge:


It’s About the Feel…Not the Theme

Couples today almost cringe at the thought of a color theme. Instead, todays couples are more focused on the “feel” of their event rather than a theme. Essentially, the emphasis is on infusing their personal story throughout the entire event and merging their unique styles. Most couples in 2018 will say that the look and feel of their event is their top priority.


Fun is Number One

There is a reason why event entertainment continues to grow more and more each year…couples today want their guests to enjoy the event! Romance and elegance are still near the top (of course), but 2018 weddings are sure to implement even more entertainment activities than ever before. No longer is the DJ the sole entertainment. Photo booth rentals continue to soar. It is estimated that 8 out of 10 weddings will have a photo booth this year. Companies like Booth By Mail make wedding photo booth rental  simple and inexpensive. Booth By Mail delivers the photo booth rental at a lost with no time limits, and 24/7 support! This is one area of entertainment that is sure to gain even more popularity throughout 2018.


Break-Up with Tradition

A large percentage of couples are throwing out traditions. Even couples that identify their personal style as “traditional” want nothing to do with the wedding traditions of their elders. One example is the classic “bride’s side” and “groom’s side” of the ceremony. Today most couples do not require their guests to pick a side. Even more staggering is the mixed gender wedding party. We have personally seen male bridesmaids and female groomsman. Finally, the classic tossing of the bouquet and garter are rarely done anymore. Instead, the majority of the reception is focused on entertainment brought in by vendors. These and other forms of tradition are likely to be on the chopping block in 2018.