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5 Must-Have Wedding Photos Usually Missed

It’s true what they say…your wedding day comes and goes so quickly that few can stop and actually enjoy the big event. Preparation is key to ensure success on the big day, and ensuring that your event is properly captured. After selecting a wedding photographer it is important to hammer down a list of “must have” photographs. While no photographer can (or should) promise to deliver all of your “wish list” items, it is important to convey to them what is important to you. Many couples fail to do this. After all, these are your memories, not anyone else’s. Obvious items to photograph are the couple, relatives, the cake, the dress, wedding party, centerpieces, the ceremony and the reception. These are no surprise. However, below are the must-have photos that are sometimes forgotten…


The Details

You put so much effort into the details…be sure to have photos of all the little things:

Stationary- Save the Dates, Invitations, RSVP Cards, and Announcements.

Accessories- Shoes, Flowers, Jewelry, the Bouquet, and Decorations.

The Guys- Shoes, Socks, Watches, Cufflinks, and Ties.


Ring Shots

This is where the skill and the equipment of the photographer are leveraged. Quality ring shots are not easy. To achieve a professional look, the photographer needs good lighting, interesting accessories, and a quality camera body with a macro lens. Be sure they have these.


Getting Ready

Photos of the hours before the big day are often overlooked. Hopefully the people you select to be in your wedding party will remain in your life for many years to come. Don’t you want to remember these moments with them? These photos should be playful, fun, and showcase the events leading up to the ceremony. For the girls- these will be photos of hair and makeup, getting dressed, first moments with the mother and father of the bride, and exchanging of gifts. For the guys- these will be photos of you and your buddies doing what you love best. Everything from joking around, to getting dressed, to sneaking in those few shots before the ceremony…don’t hold back! If you plan on exchanging notes to each other, make sure to photograph the opening and reading of these before the day unfolds.


The First Look

Don’t let tradition, or the fear of bad luck, stop you from having a first look! You will get twice as many pictures of each other and you will likely be able to take advantage of more natural lighting. We can’t harp on this one enough…do a first look! Couples who do a first look almost always end up with better pictures. Also, don’t forget the first look with dad as well. These teary moments are sure to be keepers.


Photo Booth

The photographer is there to photograph the big day…hands down. However, the wedding photo booth is there to photograph and entertain your guests. Without a photo booth, your guests are often excluded from pictures. Your wedding photographer simply cannot be everywhere and cannot get everyone into the frame, especially for large weddings. Instead, let the photo booth do it for you. You will have pictures of all your guests and they will have a blast taking them and the price of photo booth rental for your wedding can be quite affordable. Companies like Booth By Mail make it easy and affordable for anyone. With an “all in” package at $319.00, now everyone can afford to have a booth at their wedding.