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Hottest Trends in Corporate Events

Offering the hottest trends to employees and clients sets you apart and ensures your corporate event isn’t a snoozefest. In today’s environment packed with instant sharing capabilities, negative feedback on a corporate event is difficult to contain, let alone minimize. With Pinterest boards and Instagram offering countless inspiration ideas, it is almost shameful to throw a boring corporate event for your employees and clients. Are you ready for the latest trends in corporate event planning? Below are a few ways you can ensure your event is the talk of the town:

  • Unique Venues
  • Sure, hotels are the go-to option for hosting corporate events, but many event planners are opting for new and innovative alternatives. Today, many corporate events are hosted in unique venues like sports/concern venues, barn venues, casinos, theme parks, and our favorite…the “activity based” venue. Why does this work? For one, these venues are usually cheaper alternatives and thus more of the budget is allocated to food, drinks, entertainment, etc. More importantly, these venues create a lasting impression that you simply can’t get at the boring hotel with the cheesy carpet.

  • Branding the Event
  • Corporate events today almost require dĂ©cor to brand the event to the specific company. Long gone are the boring banners, sign in sheets, and typical decorations. Today, companies are transforming the venue to coincide with the strategic plan of the firm. Your guests should know without a doubt that they have arrived at the right place. If you see employees and clients wondering around and wondering if they are in the right room…you have missed the mark. A corporate event is ultimately a marketing event for the whole company. Therefore, transform the space with clever use of dĂ©cor, furniture, photography, advertising, and technology.

  • Entertainment
  • Corporate events today need more than just a talkative DJ with good music. Multiple entertainment options should be scattered throughout the event for guests to enjoy. This does not require a large budget any more. The most popular form of event entertainment today are photo booth rentals. The open style photo booth now allows all the guests to engage in the fun. Companies like Booth By Mail deliver the photo booth to your doorstep for a fraction of the cost of a traditional photo booth rental. Instant printing of photo strips with customized logos are sure to give your guests the ultimate experience. Props can also be customized to coincide with the company’s goals and direction. It’s no wonder that photo booths are utilized at nearly all corporate events today.