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How to make an awesome wedding album!

Wedding photo albums today are extremely popular. Everything from traditional style, to modern, even to photo booth wedding albums are exploding with popularity! With a plethora of companies to choose from, the sky is the limit. Most couples want their albums to look like the ones advertised...but most albums rarely do. A little preparation goes a long way. Don’t make your photo album an afterthought! Instead, plan ahead and help ensure that the album you create looks awesome. Here are a few tips to consider:

Tell your story before it begins- What is it that draws you to the albums you have seen and love? Is it the photography style? Is it the order presentation? Figure out what it is that compels you. This is key. Once you understand your desire you can better convey those wishes to your photographer. Visualize the album and partner with your photographer to help create it. Undoubtedly, a major component to the success of the album is to plan ahead.

Team up- Don’t do this alone. Once your photos are delivered, leverage your new spouse, a friend, a parent, a coworker, etc. to help you decide on the photos to use and the order of presentation. Carefully select someone whose opinion you value. Don’t select your mother or a friend if they tend to stress you out! Instead, grab someone who can help you sort through the 100s of photos and pick the very best to tell your story.

Think outside the box- There are many options for albums available today. Whether you prefer traditional, rustic, whimsical, modern, etc. there are thousands of companies ready to make you a customer. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope a little and get creative! One great example is a wedding photo booth album. This new trend is sweeping the nation because,(simply put) it’s so much fun and can be low cost! Photo booth picture provide fun and exciting candids of you and all your guests. Plus, with great props, these photos can help tell your story! Companies like Booth By Mail make it super easy. For a low cost, you can have a DIY photo booth delivered to your door with all the tools you need to create awesome memories!