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Millennials Love DIY Events

More and more millennials are breaking up with tradition. In a world with so much available at our fingertips, young couples and event planners are throwing out the traditional approach and opting to “Do It Yourself.” And why not? With social media boards available for inspiration and products/services available for next day delivery, it’s no wonder that DIY has become the most popular choice for the big day.


The costs of weddings, parties, and corporate events are soaring. According to The, the average cost of a wedding in 2016 was $35,329! These rising costs, coupled with large consumer debt figures, have resulted in couples and event planners searching for a better alternative. The result? This new “selfie generation” has not only found a cheaper alternative, but also found a way to personalize the event to their liking. More and more millennials are creating DIY weddings, parties, and corporate events where elements such as place settings, favors, room decorations, and invitations  are all made by hand. Additionally, entertainment elements such as photo booths, video, and hashtags are available for little to no costs. Photo booths can now be delivered by mail by companies such as Booth By as a way to save hundreds of dollars on  event photo booth rentals. Additionally, Pinterest boards can be used for inspiration, Youtube videos have replaced “save the date” cards, and couples now create their own websites for the big day. These improvements have changed the way we think about hosting big events. Going forward, it is almost certain that DIY will continue to grow as millennials search for new and innovative ways to save money and personalize their upcoming events.