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Overwhelmed by Event Planning? Read This...

The key to running any event smoothly is smart planning. Duh! No argument there. Surprisingly, many couples and event planners fail to take certain steps to ensure the event goes well, stays on budget, and offers great entertainment…especially when DIY planning. Spare yourself multiple headaches by making a quality plan and sticking with it. Below are a few tips to keep you on track:


Stay Organized

While this one's pretty obvious, it rarely is done correctly. The more organized you are, the less likely something will go wrong…and the more likely you and your guests will love the event. Before the event begins, have a detailed plan and budget to allocate all of your resources. Whatever the budget is, ensure every dollar has a name and an assignment. Need help? There are infinite wedding planning apps and websites like The Knot and others to help you decide what is needed and what isn’t. Search and book amazing vendors, create the guest list, and most importantly…create a detailed timeline of the event. This will ensure you have planned the event from start to finish and leveraged every penny of your budget to maximize the experience.


Have (and use) a Checklist

Once you have determined your event date create your checklist by leverage the aforementioned timeline you already created. While simplistic, a checklist will ensure you don’t forget to book something you already planned on utilizing within your event budget. Don't stress yourself out by setting deadlines that might prove to be unrealistic. Instead, decide what are the “must have items” first to allocate your resources to. Once completed, work on the secondary items…the “would be nice to have” sections of the event. Finally, work through any last minute touches, budget permitting. We know that there are tons of details and it may seem a little scary to try and get as much done as possible in the first few months; however, by simply having a timeline, budget, and checklist you will be amazed at the benefits and quality results.


Use Entertainment Wisely

Why bother to have the event if you and your guests are bored the entire time? Entertainment should be a primary part of the event planning process. Why? Booking quality entertainment ensures your guests will have a blast and it takes the pressure off of you…the event planner. Today’s events usually have more than just a DJ. By scattering fun and innovative entertainment throughout your event, you can ensure a lasting impression. This can all be accomplished on a minimal budget. Photo booths are by far the most popular form of entertainment at events and can be booked at a reasonable price. Companies like Booth By Mail offer a DIY photo booth option that allows you to run the booth without an attendant and thus save hundreds on photo booth rental costs! By using smart entertainment choices, you can lower the stress level on yourself and guarantee your guests have fun.