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Secrets to a Fun Wedding Reception

While the wedding ceremony is the special (and crucial) part of the day, it’s the reception that you and your guests are most looking forward to. And why not? Who doesn't want to eat, drink, dance, and let loose with family and friends? It’s no wonder that the majority of effort and planning is spent on the reception. Couples today are searching for fun and affordable ways to ensure their wedding reception is one that their guests will discuss for days after the “I Do’s.” The very best celebrations incorporate personal and unique touches to keep guests smiling and talking about it long after the last dance. Get inspired by our favorite reception ideas, that are sure to keep the party going all night long!

  • Awesome wedding favors!
  • Guests today almost expect to receive some kind of wedding favor for attending the reception. As a result, couples today are searching for new ideas to combine both fun and appreciation for attending their event. What’s the number one most popular wedding favor? Photo booth Rental! Many couples are now adding photo booths to their wedding with instant photo strips customized for their event. Companies like Booth By Mail offer mail order photo booth kits delivered right to your door as a DIY alternative that saves hundreds on photo booth rental costs. According to The Knot, nearly 80% of couples now have photo booths at their event. With customized logo options and the ability to photograph every guest at the event instantly, this option has become a staple in the event industry.

  • Arrange Seating Carefully
  • While it may sound obvious, don't discount the importance of a well planned seating arrangement. By placing guests with people they'll know and get along with you can almost ensure a better experience. Don’t try and play matchmaker, or force your shy guests to sit with talkative strangers…this will only lead to disaster. Instead, place your guests where they will feel most comfortable. A well designed seating chart leads to great conversation, which subsequently leads to a great dance party, and thus an unforgettable night. 

  • Keep Toasts Short and Sweet
  • Too many events are interrupted by long (and sometimes awkward) speeches. Yes, we all want that personal touch, but all too often the speech becomes a drain on the fun. Time and time again, we have witnessed a speech that lasted so long it inadvertently killed the whole mood the DJ was trying to create. Having your speakers aware of this concern before the event begins can vastly improve the overall experience. Also, don’t be afraid to space out the speeches to coincide with the “slower moments” of the event.