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Totally Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

For those of us that have attended a fair share of weddings recently, you may have noted some unique wedding gifts are being placed on the gift table. Couples today are not registering for the typical crockpot, glass bowls, or the 6-piece bakeware set. With many young professionals getting married later in life, you will find that most couples already own these types of items. Instead, fresh ideas are rising to the surface that put a fun spin on the “typical wedding gift.” We have found a few amazing ideas that you may want to consider…


Coffee Subscription

For all the coffee addicts out there, a coffee subscription is an awesome and totally unique wedding gift idea. Subscription services are becoming more and more popular, and coffee subscriptions are simply amazing. This idea allows the couple to enjoy your amazing gift all year long while sampling hundreds of unique blends. Trust us, this one is going to be huge in 2018.


Photo Booth Registries

Most couples want a photo booth at their event, but simply don’t have the budget for it. Today, many registries now include a photo booth to arrive at the event for everyone to enjoy. What a great idea! This ensures the event is more fun and relieves the couple from having to purchase it themselves. The photo strips make an awesome wedding favor and the couple will be able to keep the photos indefinitely. Companies like Booth By Mail make it quick and easy. For a price well below the average photo booth cost, you can have a photo booth delivered to your doorstep with everything included to make the event a blast.


Tickets to an Event

Let’s face it…the months prior to the wedding are stressful with little time to go out and cut loose. Why not give the couple an amazing night out? Whether it’s a sporting event, a play, a musical, or a comedy show the couple is sure to have a common interest. Give them an all-inclusive night out as a way to relax and enjoy each other after months of wedding planning.


Honeymoon Fund

Yes, this idea is gaining more and more traction. This spin on crowdfunding has allowed many couples to vacation like never before. Couples today can have their honeymoon paid for by their family and friends thus allowing them to travel to the ends of the globe in style! While there are still those who get offended by this idea, we think its top notch. Instead of giving them something impersonal like cash or a check, give them an experience they won’t forget.


Maid Service

Yes, this one is a little out there. While this is a purely practical choice, it’s a great idea nonetheless. A clean house for the whole year is a great way to show the new couple that you care. Instead of worrying about doing laundry and keeping the house clean, the two of them can concentrate on each other. Some could argue that this will spoil the young couple… isn’t that the point?  Spoiling a new couple is nothing new. This new idea is becoming more popular as young professionals are working around the clock to try and make ends meet. Taking one burden off of their plate will be much appreciated.